Come To The Middle Colonies

By: Thomas

Hungry? Come To Us

Ever starved for not working for a boss.? Well in the Middle Colonies you're your own boss. The Land is at it's best, there is no shortage of food your whole family could survive here for centuries on its own. Are you scared about winter we'll fret not because the winters have beautiful snow and mild cold. The summers are a different story it's warm and the crop is good. So come on down and live and prosper.
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Quakers to Jews And All Are Welcome

Being chased from your home for your beliefs well if so come to us. We welcome everyone no matter there beliefs. That's why we came to the New World right so no matter your religion you will be welcomed with a friendly hand and a warm heart.
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Need a Job We Got One For you

You think our economy bad well good sir you are sorely mistaken. Our economy is reliant on each other as much as ourselves. Our main economy comes from our farmers and also a lot of shipbuilding. Philadelphia and New York are big trading posts and have plenty of job places for Blacksmiths, Silversmiths, cobblers, wheel wrights, wig makers, milliners, and other such economics are always there. So don't worry about our economics we have that under control
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All the colonies are special for best material in something but I think what's most special are the people. We aren't those sappy English nobles who are "to good for us" or the French who claim they are the best at everything, no we are good at heart and are welcoming no matter your past. So if you like us, settle in one of the below

New York, Pennysylvainia, New Jersey and Delaware