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Looking for Stairlifts In Manchester England?

Having Trouble Going Upstairs In Manchester England? We Have The Solution

Stairways are rough going even at the best of times. They can become a nightmare if you have difficulty getting about normally. That's where a stairlift can be a lifesaver as all you have to do is sit down and your are whisked to the next level in a flash with no more tiring yourself out climbing up to the next level in your cottage or house.

What is even better, stairlifts Manchester in United Kingdom is an area ripe with a plethora of stairlifts, which can be bought, rented, installed, and serviced from a wide variety of quality providers. Today we will highlight for you some of the available options to you getting a stairlift of your own.

Showrooms let you see, try, and feel a quality stairlift for yourself

Today, there are a large number of stairlift manufacturers such as:

  • Stannah
  • Acorn
  • Bison
  • Brooks
  • Liftable
  • Minivator
  • Thyssen

This by no means is a complete list and you can see that with this many stairlift purveyors to choose from. Your best way to find the right one is to go to a stairlift showroom and try before you buy. You will discover that you can find just the one you want to fit you & your home's special needs.

Straight or curved stairways are the norm in most homes. However, in some houses in Manchester, you will still find a spiral staircase or two and this is why you will want to go to a showroom to see the one that suits your needs the best as well as one that fits your budget.

Rental is another route to having a stairlift in your home

If your needs for a stairlift are short-termed then renting might be a better way of having a stairlift in your home. Renting a stairlift is easy and the installation and the payments plans are flexible to meet your needs that include weekly, monthly, and yearlong leases as well.

You can also rent to own as well which in many cases is an economical way to have a stairlift in the home without having to resort to getting a loan as banks sometimes are finicky about releasing funds for home improvement and healthcare needs. Again, you can go to a showroom or many rental firms will come out to your home and not only show you what kinds of stairlifts they have available but also give you a free estimate and do a survey of what needs to be done for your particular needs as well.

It does not cost you anything to have this done and by having multiple estimates for your new stairlift you can choose the most economical route to go.

This makes sure you get the best quality for the lowest price and lets you see a wider variety of stairlifts as showrooms sometimes only stock the bestsellers or the brands they want to sell you.

Reconditioned stairlifts are economical and just as good as new ones

Most people forget there are many firms that specialize in reconditioned, used, and refurbished stairlifts. This offers you a bargain as a new stairlift is a serious investment in terms money. If you are on a fixed income purchasing a new stairlift might stretch your budget unnecessarily. Manchester stairlift firms abound that offer used stairlifts and you can often get a far better model/brand stairlift then what you can purchase new.

What's more, you can also get a warranty on these stairlifts as well, which makes sure you do not have difficulties should something go amiss after you have youth stairlift installed.

You want to make sure whether your stairlift new or used will be in good working order, so make sure this is part of any purchase/rental agreement you enter into.

You can often find used stairlifts in the very showrooms that are trying to sell you a new one. You, of course, may ask specifically for a refurbished or used stairlift, as the sales staff wants you to buy the newest model with all the latest amenities. However, with a bit of British pluck and perseverance, you can get them to show you what they have taken in on trade and you can see if you can work a deal on refurbishment and installation.

Stairlift Service should be a priority

Before you affix your name to any sales slip, you should also inquire about service on your stairlift. Let's face it sales people are all for getting you to buy. You, however, have to live with what you have purchased. So, make sure you have included service and periodic checks on the system, and lift motor. You have a lot riding on your purchase of a stairlift in money, your comfort, personal safety, and you want to make sure, when you need your stairlift it is working safely and properly.

In addition, before your stairlift goes out of warranty you want to find a reliable firm that will continue looking after your stairlift. Fortunately, in Manchester, there are some establishments that have been in the business for 10 to 30 years and these are the ones you want to contact to arrange for the maintenance and upkeep of your stairlift.


Many showrooms and stairlift companies, as well as those who sell refurbished and rental stairlifts, offer to finance as well. You might also check with you local bank and see what arranges they can make as this comes under the heading of personal need and health.

They might be able to give you special dispensation if you show the medical necessity of having a stairlift installed. Enlisting the help of your physician is also a good strategy as they may be able to assist you in obtaining financing either from the bank or through the British National Healthcare System.

In that case, you may even get the stairlift system at a lower cost and in some cases pay nothing depending on your medical needs.

Remember it’s your comfort and quality of life we are talking about, so it behooves you to leave no stone unturned in the attempt to get the most, the best, and at the lowest cost available to you.