Why You Should Use Weight Sets

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Weight Sets

Weight lifting with weight sets has always been linked to men as a synonym for masculinity, on the other hand women have always been more adept at other types of exercises with a greater cardiovascular component. If you want to know how to use weight sets, we recommend you to visit Huff and Buff site.

But lifting weights can bring benefits to everyone, to prove this we have gathered for you 7 reasons why the world of bodybuilding is no longer just exclusive to Men.

You Will Never Be Bored Lifting Weight Sets

In practice lifting weights can be a very diverse exercise, you can use exercises with your own body weight or even great workouts with weight sets for example.

However, keep in mind if you have never done weight lifting, as you should start with small weights and increase your repetitions as your physical condition improves.

According to studies carried out you must do weight lifting twice a week, at least, that recruit the main muscle groups (hips, arms, abs, back, shoulders, chest and core).

Will Live Longer

Over the years, the consequence between muscle composition and longevity has been linked, but recent studies point to the link between premature death and lower muscle mass. It has even been concluded that the bigger your muscle mass, the more years you will live, because there is less fat in our body.

However, with age there is a tendency to lose muscle mass, but this can be avoided by resorting to weight training with resistance exercises to maintain the current one.

Will Burn More Calories

There is and always has been a big factor that influences having more or less weight, your metabolism.

It is already known that every time a different metabolism, but if we do weight lifting it will always be increased by the exercise itself and because it will have more muscle mass than fat mass .

If you increase your muscle mass you will burn more calories than you would need when you had less muscle.

Your Heart Will Thank You

Strange as it may seem, cardiovascular exercises with weight sets are very good for the health of your heart and yours, in the same way lifting weights also contributes with the same benefits.

If you do muscle resistance training 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes you will notice that with both types of exercises you will lead to a 20% decrease in your blood pressure in the 24 hours after your training.

The explanation for this is due to the fact that weight training can increase muscle tone and increase heart rate on the other hand, which is what happens with cardiovascular training.

You Will Feel Happier

Physical exercise with weight sets is responsible for improving our self-esteem and even our mood.

Physical exercise leads to the release of endorphins, a chemical related to controlling our emotions and feeling of pain and improving our well-being.

So there are many people who are addicted to exercise, in practice they feel well with the sensation that causes the release of endorphins in the body with physical training.

Go To Sleep Better

I'm sure you have tried to lift weight sets and at the end of a workout you were on the edge of tiredness.

With more sessions you will see that you will feel the need to sleep to recover, not to mention the need to rest from those who practice physical exercises where sleep cycles are more certain.

Adapts To You

When it comes to exercising you should always start with some type of training, if you are not able to lift large weights, you can always start with exercises that use only your own body weight, do push-ups or squats for example.

If you are able to go to the gym ask for help from a personal trainer who will guide you in all the exercises appropriate to your physical condition.

And remember the lifting of weights can be used only to work that muscle group that wants to tone up, for example that extra belly, or the skin on the arm.

If until now you always thought that bodybuilding was not for you and you were afraid, know that increasing your muscles can have many gains in terms of health and physical appearance, sometimes with a few training sessions, but if you have ambitious parenting goals it may take longer some time.

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