Don't Forget About Decimals!

Steps to follow when Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

When do we multiply and divide decimals in the real world?

We multiply and divide decimals all the time and we might not even realize it. When we shop, a lot of times there isn't just a whole number, there is a decimal. We might have to find the price of more than one item that has the same price. When you go to a restaurant and split a bill with a friend you divide the decimal. Those are some examples of when you multiply or divide a decimal.

What are the Steps to Follow when Multiplying Decimals?

First, you multiply normally and pretend there is not a decimal. Then, you count how many numbers are behind the decimal or decimals. After that you place a decimal in your answer in front of however many numbers there were behind the decimal in the problem.

What are the steps to Follow when Dividing decimals?

First, you do normal long division and pretend there is no existence of a decimal. Once you have an answer all you have to do is bring the decimal straight up. (Be sure to be neat when you solving the problem so it is easy to see whether you are bringing the decimal up in the correct spot or not.)