Downside of Digital Communication

Ways that the internet has let us down


Malware comes in 3 different forms. Malware is software that is malicious. The three different forms are virus, Trojan Horse and spyware. A virus will harm your computer. A Trojan horse will allow someone access to your computer without your knowledge. Finally spyware will go after your personal information.


Fraud is intentional deception that is used for gain. This also comes in 3 main forms. Phising or smishing in which someone will pretend to be your bank or cell company and try and get personal info off of you. Retail fraud in which you buy something which you don't ever receive. Lastly the work at home fraud in which someone offers you a job to work at home but they end up just wanting your personal information.


Spam is unsolicited emails or messages. Basically it is people who are after money. This can also be a gateway into malware and or fraud
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