Miss Maudie of maycomb

Miss Maudie's feeling for the kids is respect and a company that is needed After the loss of her husband. "She Made a big cake and three little ones, and she would call us across the street" her willingness to make cakes for them showed her true self and it is that of a warm hearted saint. She also called them by there full name which shows she likes them and knows them well. Miss Maudie is always outside so this makes it so she knows everyone in her neighborhood. Her religious view is baptist so her view on the foot washers (overly strict think every pleasure is a sin) is they are too stuck up. "They thought i spent too much time in gods outdoors" her sassy tone in the text proves that her opinion is they are too religious. Miss Maudie speaks her opinion and knows she gets her point across. She is a nice lady and a part of the neighborhood.

Why has Harper lee included miss Maudie as a main character?

I think it's due to that he knows everyone and is a big thing to the kids so therefore she is a minor character that is technically a main character. All her involvement with the neighborhood makes her even more main.

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