Chancellor Parent Nigtht

Lehman, Pre-K

Off to a great start!

We've been working on classroom routines. We are learning to work together and follow directions. Please continue to support your child's success by:

  • promoting regular attendance
  • cleaning folder and backpack daily
  • returning workstation materials if found in your child's backpack
  • checking behavior calendar and discuss any notes regarding progress
  • providing comfortable and safe clothing that is appropriate for the weather and easy to manage
  • assuring that shoe laces are secured before school
  • reading together at least 20 minutes daily
  • playing games together often

Pre-K Goals

Social Growth:

Emotional Literacy-

  1. We are learning to identify our emotions with words like, "I feel mad."
  2. We are learning to use problem solving skills such as taking turns, ignoring bad behavior, and asking a teacher for help.
  3. We are learning to respond when others speak. We need to respond with words or hand gestures.
  4. We are learning to respect people. We will follow directions and class rules.
  5. We are learning to respect property. We use materials as directed and we do not take classroom materials home.

A resource used in planning these lessons is The Center on Social and Emotional Early Learning.

Language Development:

  • continue to learn new vocabulary
  • answer "wh" questions (who, what, when, and where)
  • listen when others speak

Math/ Numeracy:

  • recognizing numbers
  • counting orally
  • counting one-to-one to determine quantity
  • recognize quantities with finger patterns, dominoes, dot cubes, and ten frames
  • structures of numbers to five or more (show ways to make numbers to five)


  • Concepts about Print (holding books, turning pages, tracking print, identifying letters and words in text, identifying punctuation marks)
  • Phonemic Awareness (segment words into sounds, blend sounds to make words, identify first and last sound in words, generate rhyming words, count words in a sentence, count syllables in a word)
  • Letter / Sound correspondence- Name letters and identify sounds
  • Write for a variety of purposes