The Blower Bag By: Andrew V.

Blow Away The Smell With The Blower Bag

The Problem

Have you ever had a stinky hockey player walk by you after a practice? It smells worse than a skunk! Don't blame the athlete, blame the gear. Hockey gear stinks and there is NO good solution! That is why The Blower Bag was created.

The Blower Bag

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Shown here: The secret to The Blower Bag - the dehumidifier inside!

How The Blower Bag Works

  • The Blower Bag is a dehumidifier inside a single compartment hockey bag
  • The dehumidifier takes away the water from the wet gear.
  • The bacteria that causes the smell needs water to live.
  • Now that the water is gone, the bacteria is gone and so is the smell!!