Aerospace Engineer

Connor Jensen

Why I'm Interested

I have been around aeronautics my whole life. Growing up i would ride in a helicopter or plane with my uncle almost every weekend, until I turned 16 and started working on my solo licence. I am currently working on my privates licence. For this reason aerospace engineering would have to be my favorite discipline of engineering.

Typical Day in Aerospace Engineering

most aerospace engineers spend 80%-90% of the day working on technical projects. Most aerospace engineers end up in front of a desk for most of their work. there are a mix of short term and long term projects, long term projects are preferred because they usually have more money and more information on the desired product.

Starting Salary For An Aerospace Engineer

Starting salaries for Aerospace engineers average around 73,814 USD. the average salary is 103,720 USD. Either way you're not bad off with that kind of money.

Education Needed

Education needed for an aerospace engineer is a high school diploma, Bachelors degree, and a Masters in aerospace engineering.