Mexico flyer

By: Chase Feeler

Mexico Map


Futbol & Cuisine


There food the grow there is corn, chili peppers, beans, and squash. They have a big industry of oil there. They have cattle, goats, and sheep. They also have wheat, tropical, and vegetables. They also have coffee and winter fruits.

Mexicos Climate

Is around 90 degrees in the day. Around 30 degrees at night. And the winter is around 20 dergrees.



You can find mountains in one of two regions. You can find some in the state of Puebla which are the highest. And the main mountains are in the sierria madre mountain range.


There is over 3,000 volcanoes in mexico.The volcanoes in mexico are part of the Pacific ring of fire. Paricutin Volcano is one of the seven wonders also it is one of the youngest volcanos in the northern hemisphere.