The cuisine of Castile-La Mancha

by calene lazare

Castile-La mancha is most popular for it's windmills. (

Castile-La mancha overview

Castile-la mancha is a region of land that has very little to no rain at all but at times has a tropical climate. Castile-la mancha is located between Madrid and Andalucia. Agriculture is more dominate than the economy. Most the land is dry farmed. Barley, grapes, and olives are all produced by dry farming. The region also produces lentils, onions, peppers, sunflowers, saffron, and sumac. Animal husbandry accounts for at least one-third of the region’s agricultural output; the preferred animals are sheep, pigs, and goats and forests cover one-third of the land.







seafood is brought it from the seas overnight. other food that is popular is spiced garlic sausage, manchego, sheep'a milk cheese, various garlic soups, bean stews, pork and lamb.