Spanish 2 -- April 14-18

This week....

This week in Spanish 2 we are starting our last unit in the course. The students have been working very hard to catch up on their assignments. Our course ends on May 8.

There is one RSS for Unit 8 this week. It is on Thursday 4/17 at 9 pm. There are 3 scheduled for next week.

Reminder ..

NCVPS does not have a spring break. Ideally students will continue to work daily in the course. But, I understand that you might have a vacation scheduled. Just make sure that your student catches up when they return from the vacation.

How are grades calculated?

Below is the break down on how grades are calculated. These are the categories that you will see in the gradebook in Moodle.

Assignments in this course are broken down into the following percentages:

  • Participation 10%

  • Quizzes 20%

  • Voice Boards 15%

  • Writing Assignments 15%

  • Cultural activities 15%

  • Summative Projects 25%