Warning: Dangerous!

Wanted For: Rape, Assault on a Child, Murder, Assault, Sexual Assault, and Child marketing, among other charges.


Assef is a known member of the Taliban, a group of Muslim-extremists that have taken over Afghanistan. He can be very dangerous. The Taliban are known for their extreme punishments (Stoning, Whipping, and Murdering any person who does not follow their laws. Assef may be accompanied by several other men and he may be armed. If you are not trained, call police forces immediately.
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Assef has been seen wearing clothes that are in accordance to Taliban Law. He has also been seen wearing Glasses that resemble those of the lead singer of The Beatles, John Lennon.

Other Information on the Taliban

The Taliban are a Malicious group of extremists that have taken power over Afghanistan. Since they have come into power, the Taliban have placed extreme restrictions over the population of Afghanistan. Many of these instructions are inclusive to women and how they are required to act/look. They have placed strict laws on any form of entertainment, and dress code. Anyone who does not comply to their rules are punished harshly. The Taliban are known for their public executions, whippings, and stonings. The Taliban and it's associates are very dangerous.