Ciara Stewart


Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. Polytheistic is the belief of many gods. They aslo beleive in reincarnation and in order to reincarnate you need good karma.

Caste System

Birth determines your caste. your caste determines your whole life, where you work, who you marry, ect. The lowest of the caste is the untouchables. the untouchables actally dont even get a spot on the caste system becuase they are the lowest of the low. Then the laborers, merchants, soldiers and the highest of the caste system are the preists.

Gandhi and the Salt March

Gandhi was a peacefull protestor who wanted India's independence from Britian. One example was he led the Salt March. The Salt March is when he leads a march to the sea to make their own salt. This disobeys british law that the Indians get salt from British.

The Amritsar Massacre

The Amritsar Massacre is an example of a human rights violation because the british killed peacefull protestors. The protestors had a meeting about how to protest more to the british when one day the brish came and for 15 straight minutes they killed thousands of people.