Travyian Caldwell

What is PCP ?

Phencyclidine better know is PCP is a drug that was introduced in the 1950's as an anesthetic pharmaceutical drug. But was shortly removed in 1965 due to the high prevalence dissociative hallucinogenic side effects. It works as an NMDA receptor antagonist where it blocks the activity of the NMDA receptor. PCP is a very addictive drug associated with compulsive abuse. As a recreational drug PCP can be inserted into the body by injection , smoking, insufflating and orally.

Description of Form

PCP comes in boht powder in liquid form (It dissolves in either). It's typically sprayed onto leafy material such as {Cannibis, Mint, Oregano, Tobacco, parsley or ginger leaves} after sprayed on it is smoked.

Effects on the body/brain

Behavioral effects depend on the dosage. Low doses produce a numbness in the extremities and intoxication, characterized by staggering, unsteady gait, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and loss of balance. Moderate doses will produce analgesia and anesthesia. High doses may lead to convulsions. Psychological effects include severe changes in body image, loss of ego boundaries and paranoia. PCP has been known to alter mood states in an unpredictable fashion causing some individuals to become detached and others to become animated. PCP also may induce feelings of strength, power, and invulnerability as well as a numbing effect on the mind. Study shows that violence is greatly exaggerated and that incidents of violence are unusual and often limited to individuals with reputations for aggression regardless of drug use.

Street Names

Angel Dust/Black Dust/ Goon Dust/ Magic Dust

Lethal Weapon

Love Boat

Peace Pill