Pig Updates

Upcoming Events


Thursday, April 14th

5-7:00 PM

*Wear old clothes & be ready to clean.

Before barn clean-up:

San Antonio - Remove all items & clean out pen (this includes taking down plywood) by 3/7

Houston - Remove all items & clean out pen (this includes taking down plywood) by 3/21

Show Weights


240-280 (10 pound tolerance)

Cleaning Schedule

Responsibilities MUST be completed on the date of assignment.

Monday & Friday:

Take all trash to the dumpster.

Clean out scales.

Monday – Friday:

Sweep out the entire barn, placing trash in dumpster.

Remove all wheel barrows from the barn.

Place all shovels, rakes, etc neatly in the corner.

Clean drain.

Pen Cleaning


Remove waste from your own pen each day.

Clean out wheelbarrow & put away.


Remove the front half of shavings from your pen, bring the back shavings to the front, and replace the back half of shavings with new.

Friends & Family (Buyer's Group)

This is the group that will purchase your pig at the county show if you qualify for the sale AND have satisfactorily completed all requirements.

Future Meetings:

Mar. 31

Please consider volunteering to serve as an officer or committee chair for next year!

Houston Livestock Show

Show is held at Reliant Center. PISD Hotel – Quality Inn & Suites – 2364 South Loop West (713) 799-2436 - WE ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO TRAVEL WITH THEIR PARENTS.

Rules: http://www.rodeohouston.com/Portals/0/Downloads/LivestockShow/2016_ExhibitorHandbook.pdf

Dark Pigs (Alex)

Friday March 11th – Leave for Houston

Saturday March 12th – Check-in, turn in weight card

Sunday March 13th – Duroc, Hampshire, Poland China show - ALEX WILL SHOW THIS DAY

Monday March 14th – ALEX, GO TO SCHOOL THIS DAY