Rock Type

By Nick Barao

What a rock is

Rocks are composed of minerals. Rocks are classified by how they were formed. There are three types of rocks.


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It formed outside the volcano and the crystals formed fast. The texture is fine and non-vesicular. The crystal size is less than 1 mm. The color is dark. The density is high. The composition is mafic. It has the minerals plagioclase feldspar, pyroxene, and amphibole. It is 30% plagioclase feldspar, 60% pyroxene, and 10% amphibole
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Rock Salt

Is Chemically formed. The grain size can be fine to coarse. Texture is crystalline. Its composition is made of halite. Crystals from chemical precipitates and evaporates.
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Texture is non-foliated. Grain size is fine. Its composition is made up of various minerals. It was created by contact metamorphism. Various rocks changed by heat form nearby magma/lava.


If an igneous rock gets weathered and erosion occurs it becomes sediment. Then if those sediments get deposited , burial, compacted, and cemented, it become a sedimentary rock. If the sedimentary Rock goes through metamorphism, it becomes a metamorphic rock. IF that metamorphic rock melts it becomes magma. If the magma solidify it becomes an igneous rock. Magma can't become sediments and sediments can't become magma. weathering and erosion cause metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, and sediments to become sediments.
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