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Social Studies Edition March, 2014

Hello! I have been compiling this list of resources for a while and wanted to pass it on to you. Every link included in this newsletter is iPad compatible, although I have not checked EVERY link that is posted within every resource, so if you find something you want to use with your students, please test it with the iPads first. If you find something useful, or are looking for something in particular, let me know!

PBS Learning Media

This is a great resource for everyone across all grades and subjects. The site can be searched for resources based on grade, subject, or standards.

Mapping Worlds

This is a GREAT VISUAL site that offers users a new way to look at the world by resizing states OR countries on the map in relation to a series of global issues:

Kansas History Resource Page

Lots of resources on Kansas history found here!!

Greek Mythology Site

This site has both a flash version and html version (for iPads). I did notice that the html version works, but the print on the opening page does not show up where the active links are. If you preview it on a computer and tell students where to click, the links do work.


iCivics is an online education project that has the aim of teaching students about civics, thus inspiring them to participate actively in the U.S. democracy. This site includes game simulations for students and free teaching resources and tools for teachers!

Civics Database

This is a link to a large number of resources and lesson plans for Grades 5-12 covering topics in Civics from UNC. It allows you to search by grade level or subject/topic.

U.S. and World History Resources

Lots of links to both United States and World History resources here. Created by a middle school Social Studies teacher, but many of these resources may work for HS and later elementary levels.

Mission US: A Revolutionary Way to Learn History for Grade 5-8

This site does not work on the iPad; it uses Flash, but because these games are based on decision making skills and historical facts, they work great to use as a whole class activity! There are 3 missions dealing with different periods of US History:

Crown or Colony: Revolutionary War Period

Flight to Freedom: Civil War Period

Cheyenne Odyssey: Westward Expansion Period

Games can be started and saved to access different points of the game.

There are also classroom videos demonstrating how to use segments as a group:

They also offer lots of information about using it in the classroom under the HELP menu.

Ted Ed Lessons for Social Studies

This page has multiple lessons for Social Studies that usually revolve around a short video under the "Watch" category. Lessons also includes a section for checking for understanding by offering review questions under the heading "Think." Discussion can continue using resources in the "Dig Deeper" and "Discuss" sections.

Think Fast!!

This is a history quiz based on two of the popular games in the above post from Mission US. It is available both online at the above website home page and also as an app. Here is the overview of the app:!-about/id566607316?mt=8

White House App: FREE

For all news White House related, users can go to the official White House app. Featuring a blog, a briefing room with White House policy news, a photos section, a video section, and a live stream from the White House for breaking news, the White House app has everything users need for studying the President and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Awesome Tips for Teaching with Google Earth

Here is a great link for ideas on using Google Earth in the classroom:

Also, NEW: Google Earth is now adding 3D imagery. See the quick 45 second demo video below.

New 3D imagery for Google Earth

Ancient Rome in 3D with Google Earth Layers

Discover Ancient Rome in Google Earth

Using "MY MAP" option in Google Maps

Use the My Map option in Google Maps (through Safari) to create your own maps, add important links and even video to a map. Great idea to use for an end of the unit project for studying new locations or historical sites. To see how this works, view the video below:

How to create a "My Map" in Google Maps

More Map options:

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