Onward to September 2021

Information for the new school year

Dear Lawrence,

We have spent the summer months focused on instruction and construction while awaiting guidance on requirements for school operations from the Department of Health and/or the New York Stare Education Department ( NYSED) . Now that NYSED has issued guidance this newsletter presents the most recent information for our September 2nd opening day.

Please note that the situation with COVID-19 continuously changes and as needed we will revisit these guidelines, adjusting if needed.

Thank you

Dr. Pedersen

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Both the CDC guidance and the NYSED guidance recommend mask wearing in schools. Lawrence students and staff WILL be wearing masks in the buildings and on buses. Mask breaks will take place. We will be continually looking at the positivity rate in our region along with any additional guidance and will revisit this topic throughout the school year.
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Desk shields ?

Classroom student desks will not have desk shields , however classes will have desks forward facing. Teacher desk shields will remain up to allow close 1:1 conversations.
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Staying healthy

We will follow two W’s .. wear a mask and wash your hands. Hand sanitizer stations will be available. We also will continue to take temperatures at entry points in all of our schools. It remains extremely important that if feeling sick, you remain out of the school building.

School Calendar

Please use this link to access the school calendar :


In the calendar you will find start and end times for each school building. Our buildings are open for in-person learning and we welcome back the routines associated with daily in person instruction.

Stay connected through the Lawrence app and Lawrence.org.

Please always keep your child(ren)’s school updated with your current phone number.