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Fall Greetings RICS Class of 2021 Families!

I hope that you are enjoying this cool fall weather! Below you will find important information on upcoming events and activities for the RICS Class of 2021. I also want to stress the importance of students attending classes daily. Please see the link from Attendance Works titled "Pay Attention to Attendance," that discusses why attendance is so important for a student's academic success.

Remember to contact me if you need assistance.

Harvest Blessings!

-H. Dozier, Graduation Coach/Senior Coordinator

Pay Attention to Attendance

Whether your family has elected face- to -face or on-line learning, showing up to school daily is still important. Please visit the link below to read about the importance of attending school and why it is important for student success.

Virtual Probe Tour Fall 2020

From Virtual Probe:

Ask your students to sign up

We've created a high school student sign up web page at Please share this link with your students and encourage them to complete the form. This will allow us to directly email them when tour registration goes live and to provide updates on participating colleges. The virtual fall tour will occur in two mini-fairs during the evenings of:

October 5-7, November 2, November 4-5.

Probe fairs are free

Panels and presentations will be available through Zoom Webinars and pre-registration for each session is required. There is no charge for students or parents to participate. Parents may sign up for registration announcements and information updates at

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