New In Canvas

June 2017

Canvas DocViewer

DocViewer will be replacing Crocodoc as Canvas' interactive document web-viewing experience and will be available for all students and teachers on Saturday, June 24th.

Viewing, commenting, and grading documents in DocViewer will be similar to Crocodoc, but will now provide a more seamless experience with Canvas and improved annotation tools.

For more information on DocViewer, click here.

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Updated Features

Course Home Page Recent Announcement Display

In Course Settings, the Show Recent Announcements option displays for any Course Home Page (click photo on left to enlarge). Previously recent announcements only displayed when the Course Home Page was set to the Front Page.

Full Screen YouTube Link

In Pages, YouTube URLs linked in the Rich Content Editor support full-screen viewing. When students click the video thumbnail image, Canvas expands the video window to 425x344 pixels. To display the video in fullscreen, students can select the Full Screen option in the YouTube menu. This change allows students to view YouTube videos without having to open the video directly in YouTube.

Table Context Menu

When a table is added and selected in the Rich Content Editor display, the table will display a pop-up context menu. This allows quicker design access for students and teachers to change table properties and insert or delete columns or rows without having to move your mouse back up to the regular table menu located above the display.

Individual View Weighted Grading Periods Display

After a student is selected from the student drop-down menu, the Student Information section in the Gradebook Individual View displays assignment groups when an individual grading period is being viewed. However, when grading periods are weighted and the All Grading Periods option is selected, the Grades section displays the weight of each grading period. Like in the grading period set, the total percentage is not displayed.

Need Help?

For technical issues in Canvas, send an email to with the detail of your issue for assistance.