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Welcome to 2016!

It was so nice to welcome back our friends! The holidays were wonderful and we enjoyed sharing about about our many adventures! This added much enthusiasm to our Shared Journal. Memories and writing go hand in hand!

High Frequency Words and Number Words

It is important to work on high frequency words. Practice at home as we work at school. Your child should be able to accurately and instantly read sight words. The more your child practices, the better he/she becomes!

A list of number words will be coming home. We are working on reading and writing the numbers and words up to 120. Let your child use the list to write the words for different numbers that you call out. Also, write out the word and let your child write the numeral that matches.

A Peek at Next Week

We will be focusing on identifying proper nouns, pronouns that show ownership (his and her), and the difference between asking and declarative sentences. We will also begin to address past tense verbs.

In Math, we are continuing to work on strengthening our understanding of addition and subtraction facts. We will also begin to work on telling time to the hour and half hour.

We are researching ocean topics that the class has expressed an interest in studying. As we study the different zones, we will focus on the octopus, seahorse, and shark. We always love to study shells! Please feel free to send anything that can be shared as we explore the ocean and develop our project!

Upcoming Events in January

Jan. 18th - MLK Holiday - No School

Jan. 28th - Group Picture day

Requests for Recess and P.E. Equipment

Our class and the P.E. coaches are in need of equipment! The following items are needed:

Various Balls ( we have lost several kickballs)

14 foot jump ropes

Sturdy hula hoops


Thanks for your help!

Also, the coaches request that children wear tennis shoes on the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These are the days our class attends P.E.

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