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There is no single finder for this religion. The holy book is called "The Vedas". Hinduism originated in India about 13 countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, and the USA. One belief the Hindus have is truth is eternal. They also believe in a caste system this ranks people from high to low based on their occupation, family, etc. Hindu practices include recitations, meditation, annual festivals, and occasional pilgrimages. The code of conduct is the twenty keys for spiritual living in contemporary times. It's final resting place is the Moksha.
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Practicing this religion affects the daily life of its followers because the Caste system determines what type of job they have. Also the caste system determines who they marry because they don't get to pick who they marry. Also reincarnation affects the life of people who follow this religion because they believe if they live a good life they will rebirth so this often affects Hindu's behavior towards one another.


The founder of this religion is Saddhartha Gautama (Buddha). The holy book of Buddhism is the Tripataka. It originated where Buddha was born which was in Lumbini. Buddhism spread not only through India, but also countries like the USA, China, and Japan! The beliefs of Buddhism include the "Four Noble Truths". They practiced dharma, dharma is protection. Practicing dharma protects ourself from suffering and problems. The code of conduct is the "Eightfold Path". The Eight-Fold Path is the fourth of the Four Noble Truths - the first of the Buddha's teachings. The goal for Buddhist people was to reach nirvana. Nirvana is liberation. Liberation from the stress/pain/dissatisfaction of life.
Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths
The Eightfold Path
There is a huge affect on the religion of Buddhism. People who practice this religion follow the eightfold path which is eight practices that Buddhist people follow. This often affects the behavior of the people because they are kind to each other because they want to reach nirvana. So they are very positive on a daily basis.


The founder of this religion was Confucius. There's not one certain holy book for this religion. But it originated in China where Confucius was born. It began to spread in its neighboring countries , Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. Confucianism basic beliefs were that humans are naturally good. Meaning no one is born evil. They practiced respect and filial peity. The code of conduct was to respect your family in this order Emperor-Subject, Husband-Wife, Father-Son, and Elder Brother-Younger Brother. The goal of this religion was to live a virtuous life and go to heaven.
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Confucianism (1): Filial Piety (xiao)
Practicing this religion can have a big affect on people and people who don't even practice this religion. Some ways people can be affected by Confucianism is filial piety. Filial piety is a virtue of respect for one's father, elders, and ancestors. People can be affected by filial piety because you are really respected and you do things without being told. People today still practice filial piety which is a good day


The founder of Judaism is Abe and Moses. The origins of Judaism lie in the Bronze Age polytheistic ancient Semitic religions. Judaism spread when the Babylonians spread Jewish people around Israel. Judaism beliefs is that Jesus is God. Jewish religion expects the highest standards of personal and moral behavior. It's code of conduct is read in the holy book the Torah. The goal of Judaism is to live lives in harmony with God.
What Is Judaism?
In Judaism there are big affects on people who practice this religion they read the Torah In this text, there are laws for everything from the clothing that should be worn to the meals that are appropriate to eat. So this affects their daily life because they can't eat and wear whatever they want.