Omar A.

Environmental Study Project

My map

These are my favorite places. in these places I have fun hangout with my friends and be happy.


Florida is a rainy, the temperature is mostly hot, its not that cold, and sunny place. In Florida it mostly rain in September and in June the average in September is 9.86 and the total average of rainfall in June is 9.67. In August the temperature is highest as cold and warm. The sun get really hard someday and its really hot and sometimes it gets hard to see. And that's how the weather really is in my community.

Natural Disasters

In Sunshine State there have been a lot of amazing natural disasters. Hurricanes, tropical, storms, and tropical depressions, tornadoes, wildfires, and floods regularly caused in Florida and residents and visitors have seen it. Florida's economy is just as vulnerable place were a lot of dangerous disasters happen. Lots of people have been hurt in these disasters. And those are some natural disasters.

1) Take precaution.

2) Government role.

3) Insurance products have sufficient cover for perils.

4) fire & special perils.


The first people that came to Florida was on 12,000 years ago. When they got there they saw a lot of variety of plants and animals, the population was mostly mammals that we know today. Then Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513 he wrote records about living in Florida. He named Florida in honor of Pascua Florida ("feast of the flowers"). Those are the first people to discover Florida.


The residents in my community are very big there's a lot of people. All of the people in my community live in very goods home protected and comfortable. Me and my friends like playing football and basketball. Lots of popular pastimes have happened in my community i have had lots of parties in my school and my friends and other family house. And these is my residents.


This is the Florida panther. Its an endangered subspecies there not that many there almost all extinct. Its lives in our forests and swamps. They can grow up to 6 to 7 feet, they live about 12 years in the wild. Florida panthers are carnivores and that's why I picked these animals there amazing.


The culture in my community is very Latino. The people in my community mostly talk Spanish and English, we have lots of parties in the weekend we like having fun. My community celebrates the same holidays us they do here in America just with different ways of doing them.

Overall Reflection

These are the things that make up my community. Weather makes up my community because it tells the temperature how are the days in my community. My map makes up my community because it tells the places i been to and it shows my community. Natural disaster makes up my community because it show really bad disasters that have happened in Florida that have destroyed homes and killed people. History show events that have happened in in Florida like how they found it and how they made this place so beautiful. Residents are the people that live here and have known these place for a long time. Wildlife show one of the most amazing animals of Florida. Culture show what we do like to do in our community and how are we like.