The Bermuda triangle

By James roberson and bradly luts Pd 2 1/11/16

What and where and is the bermuda triangle

The Bermuda triangle is a area between Florida Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The Bermuda triangle is a area where the magnetic force is really strong and messes with your compass and controls in your plane or ship to make it impossible so fly and you crash. This is because the triangles magnetic force has not be touched ever but the rest of the worlds has. There are many other theories of what happens like time travel and aliens. One of the most famous plane crashes was flight 19

Flight 19 and others

Flight 19 was a group of torpedo bomber planes on a training mission. When they where on there mission the flew threw the Bermuda triangle and was never heard of again which makes it one of the most famous lost ships or planes in the Bermuda. The men on board said that there controls where going insane and could not control their own plane. Another famous person that went through was Christopher Columbus. He reported fire balls and extra terrestrial creatures and his compass was completely off.

some pictures of flight 19 and thier captins

The conclusion

What happens in the burmuda triangle

There are many theories of what happens in the Bermuda triangle. Some of them are time travel extra, terrestrial creatures, sea monsters, big tsunamis and the one most people agree on the magnetic force in that area is extremely strong. The magnetic force causes this compass and flying instruments to be completely off so you can not fly.