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Team FMS: Together, We Can! - December 7, 2015

Welcome to our EXPLO Team Newsletter!

Through this weekly newsletter we hope to keep our FMS families informed of what is happening inside our classrooms and keep you updated on activities, homework, tests, projects, and other pertinent information to better help all of our FMS students succeed! You will find updates on the following classes: Art, Band, Choir, Arts Alive, Computers, Health, Library, and PE.

Mr. Chapman

This Week in Art Class

All classes are finally getting some projects under wraps. It's been great getting to know the students as I settle into the new role as Art Teacher.

6th Grade will be continuing with introductory drawing unit, with focus on line and value while working on line design. Currently we are finishing up perspective buildings, and moving into design next week with a personalized silhouettes.

7th and 8th Grades are working on Notan Japanese Art , and learning about positive and negative space as well as balance.

All grades are working on Zentangles as they finish up projects, as a way to stay actively focused on design and problem solving. they all seem to be enjoying the process of these.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at cchapman@fulton58.org

Have a great week!

Ms. Glynn and Ms. Neudecker

6th Grade band has learned a couple of new things this week, we are now working on pick up notes and 8th notes as a group. The students are still very eager to learn and we are excited to show their skills off at our next concert which will be on Monday December 14, 2015. An email was sent to all parents and student in the 6th grade band concerning some time changes for this event. The 6th grade band will now perform at 6:00 PM instead of 6:30 PM.

7th grade band is getting ready to start their new band books. Information was sent home about ordering book 2 in the Essential Elements series. If you choose to buy the book through the band program here at school they will cost $8.00 for woodwinds and brass and $15.00 for percussion. You can also buy the book from an outside source if you choose. Sectionals have started to happen daily with Ms. Neudekcer and myself pulling sections out for individual help. Mark you calendars for Monday December 14, 2015, that is the date for Winter Fine Arts Night! An email was sent home to all teachers and parents stating a time change to this concert, the 7th grade will perform at 6:00 PM instead at 6:30 PM.

8th grade has been assigned a chair in band. This was done for part assignments, students have the option to challenge a person in a higher chair. We already have some people challenging, this healthy competition is improving our overall band sound. 8th graders have also started goal sheets, these will be due every Monday and will determine their next playing quiz. Playing quizzes will now be done electronically. Google Voice will now be used, an explanation will be given to the students after Thanksgiving break. Mark your calendars for our next concert on Monday December 14, 2015.

7th and 8th grade Wire Choir classes are still working on complex chords this week. We have also started to learn more chord progressions. We are excited to watch the students continue to grow!

As always, if you ever have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Glynn or Ms. Neudecker at sglynn@fulton58.org or kneudecker@fulton58.org. Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Lehman and Dr. Moebes

The Hornet Singers are really working hard on their Christmas pieces for their final concert for first semester. We are learning a lot about what our voices can do with the various styles of music. Mark your calendars for our next concert...in a week, Dec. 14th!

8th grade Arts Alive are jumping into the meat of the content now and will be learning about the orchestral instrument families through December. The students are always on their toes as they enter the classroom as they know they MUST read the board to even know how to sit in a class that day! New adventures daily!

Harmony Hornets is in full swing and doing well! Students are catching on to their parts and challenging themselves to do more every week. With once a week Tuesday rehearsals, it's impressive what we've been able to accomplish. One more rehearsal before our first concert on December 14th...mark your calendars! Dr. Moebes and I are proud of their hard work!

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact me at llehman@fulton58.org.

Hornet Pride Choir (7th grade) has kicked rehearsals up to high gear for our concert on December 14th! We have rehearsed with Mrs. Saylor, and are making excellent progress. Recordings of sample performances, as well as practice materials have been posted to our Google Classroom. There are recordings of just the singing parts, and the accompaniment available for at-home practice. Keep up the great work, Hornet Pride!

6th and 7th grade Arts Alive is off to a great start! We have started our discussions on rhythm and duration. We are doing lots of hands-on work, and creating our on music! 6th grade has been studying Mozart, and will begin studying Beethoven this week. 7th grade is beginning an in-depth survey of the development of Rock-and-Roll. Great work, everyone!

Please feel free to contact me any time! bmoebes@fulton58.org.

Mrs. Bailey

Computer Class is a combination of building keyboarding skills, computer skills, and digital citizenship. All computer students may practice their keyboard skills at home at this website: TypingTraining.com. Both students and parents are encouraged to monitor their progress throughout this class. All students should know their login information. If you have an issues, please email me for assistance.

Along with improving our keyboarding skills, 6th and 7th graders will be identifying the functions of computer parts this week.

In addition to continuing to improving their keyboarding skills, 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in year long classes will begin an "Hour of Code" this week. An "Hour of Code" will be a weekly activity throughout the rest of the school year. This will be done through Khan Academy. You may check it out online at: https://www.khanacademy.org/hourofcode

Please feel free to contact me at jbailey@fulton58.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Coach Youse and Coach Windmiller

6th Graders will be learning about the six nutrients and food safety.

Click here for more 6th Grade Health Information

Please feel free to email me at awindmiller@fulton58.org if you have any questions or concerns.

7th Grade is continuing Project TNT (Towards No Tobacco). We will be practicing assertive refusals, study advertising techniques and social advocacy. Homework: Anti-Tobacco ad (5pts) and Letter to a Tobacco User (5pts).

8th Grade Is finishing our Noncommunicable Disease unit. Some students will be retaking a quiz while others are beginning the Communicable Disease unit. Our study of communicable diseases will last roughly a week.

Please feel free to contact me at myouse@fulton58.org if you have any questions or concerns. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @healthyfms and sign up for text reminders by texting @youse(child's grade) to 81010.

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Coach Masek, Coach Windmiller, Coach Youse

P.E. Units: Table Tennis/Pickleball and Long Base





Mrs. Schenewerk

As always, please feel free to contact me at tschenewerk@fulton58.org with questions or concerns.

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Please join us for our first FMS Family Night on Friday December 11th!