Second Grade SUPER News

January 29, 2016

Highlights from Second Grade

We continued our AR celebration with the picnic with the teachers on Wednesday. The students were happy to eat with us in the teacher's lounge. It was fun for those who were able to come - Jason, Jayden, Connor, and Megha in our room. Next quarter we want more students with us! LETS GO READERS!

After lunch the students had an opportunity to go outside for recess or go into the gym for a game of 'Hungry, Hungry, Caterpillar'. The students got in teams of 4 and rotated through each position. One student was the caterpillar and laid down on a scooter. Two of the students each took a leg and pushed and pulled the caterpillar while he collected soft balls under a pail. The last student was the collector and gathered the balls together. THEY LOVED IT! The second graders played with the other class and some third and fourth graders as well. It was fun to be with other grades and have a GREAT time!

New Behavior Chart

We introduced a new behavior chart for the students as we began the second semester of school. It is pictured below. We did this to create more of a sense of responsibility on the part of each student. Everyone starts the day on Green - Ready to Learn, and with 2 pennies on their desk. If a student is asked to move their clip down, they lose a penny. The reverse is true when a student is asked to move their clip up - they gain a penny. In this way, being responsible, respectful, and ready is paying off!
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We began our second semester of Superkids, 'The Superkids Take Off'. We, as teachers, continue to appreciate the program, and the students continue to love it. The stories are fun and they can sure relate to them. We love how comprehensive it is in terms of word work, decoding, spelling, comprehension, and now cursive handwriting! This week's focus in phonics was doubling the final consonant in a short vowel word using ff, ll, and ss; and the suffixes -ful which means full of, and -able which means can be. We reviewed nouns and verbs, complete sentences, and the use of because in the middle of a sentence to connect the two parts.

In Writing we continue composing opinion letters about a favorite book that we are reading. We are encouraging the students to write longer and stronger opinions about a character or a favorite part; and use evidence from the text to explain their opinion.

In Cursive Handwriting we have demonstrated and practiced the letters i and t. Please do not have your child practice more than this. They are quite excited about cursive, but we would like to demonstrate each letter before they begin writing it. Thank you!

Don't forget that we are encouraging the students to read the list of Monarch books which can be found by clicking on the link below.


In math we have finished adding 2-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers using the various addition strategies. The students seem to favor decomposing, the open number line strategy, and the standard algorithm. We used the iPads and the App 'Explain Everything' to work out several addition problems. Students recorded themselves as they wrote the problem and then solved it. This reinforced their learning in a FUN way!

Next, we will be working on subtraction strategies using 2-digit numbers. Like addition, we will introduce different strategies and practice them so that your student will become more proficient in solving subtraction problems.

Star Student

Kenisha was our Star Student this week. Kenisha has one older brother, Kenan, who is in 6th grade here, and one older sister, Denise, who goes to high school. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. One of the students asked her if she would rather have a mansion or a dog. She picked a dog!

Our next Star Student is . . . Danna !

AR Winners

Prizes are not handed out during the first week of each quarter because it is rare that anyone has made their goal. The pictures of prize winners will return once prizes are again awarded. Will your child be the first?

The two raffle prizes for AR were, however, handed out today. Connor won one of the Recycled Paper Beans kits and is pictured below. He had earned 10 raffle tickets by reaching over 500% of his goal! WOW!

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Miscellaneous Items

  • Report cards will be coming home next Friday, February 5th.
  • After school programs started on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The option for 2nd grade is Study Hall. The pink slips should be brought in on the day that your child is staying.
  • Your appointment time for Parent-Teacher Conferences came home in today's Friday Folder. Please confirm your appointment by signing and returning the form by next Friday, February 5th.
  • Conferences are Thursday, February 11, from 3 to 8 PM, and Friday February 12, from 11 AM to 4 PM. There is a half day of school on Thursday, and NO SCHOOL on Friday.
  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 15th, in observance of President's Day.

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