Welcome to Pandora

By: Ethan and Hunter

Welcome to Pandora

The country of Pandora is a small island country about a third of the United States. Pandora is off the west coast of South America. It has an assortment of mountains, plains, forests, and lakes. Pandora's population is a total of 64,000,000 people. We primarily speak English and/or French, but it is required to learn another language before the age of 19. Everyone in Pandora needs to attend school for at least until the age of 19. At the age of 21, all male citizens are required to join the military for 2 and a half years. Tax rates are 35%. The government pays for 3 fourths of your college education and medical care is free except for checkups. All citizens of Pandora may retire at the age of 70.
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Our Six Freedoms

Everyone in Pandora has the right to...

  1. Worship any religion
  2. Speak their mind
  3. Be protected by the law
  4. To bear arms (They need to have a license)
  5. Be free from discrimination
  6. Drink at 21

Four things that are illegal

Four things that are illegal in Pandora are...

  1. Underage drinking/driving
  2. Creating fake money
  3. Discharging an arm in public (unless you are in danger)
  4. Drug/Substance abuse

Type of Government

Pandora's government is a representative democracy. We chose representative democracy because of our population of people, which is 64 million. Direct democracy wouldn't have worked because it usually only works with a smaller population, and a monarchy and dictatorship wouldn't work because if our leader is killed, then there may not be someone to take over their place. If our president was to be killed, Pandora would just vote on another president to lead Pandora. The president's term is only 2 years, but he can run for 3 terms, which is 6 years.

System of Government

Our system of government is federal because with federal, the power is shared equally between all the branches of the government, so no one has more power or less power. Parliamentary would not have worked because there would be only one leader and all the rest of the power would be in the legislative branch. Unitary and Confederations would also not work because we are only one country, and not multiple countries.

Type of Economy

Pandora's economy is capitalism. We chose capitalism because it allows people to earn what they deserve. Ex: Doctors save lives, so they earn more than someone who works at McDonald. Socialism would not have worked because our tax rates are not high enough, and communism would not have work because if everyone has the same salary no matter the job, then everyone would pick easier jobs. Ex: If janitor earn the same as doctors, more people would just become janitor.

Fun Things to Do In Pandora!

Some fun things to do in Pandora include...

  • In the winter, you can go snowboarding or skiing on one of the various mountains
  • Hike up Mount Spaghetti (does not include noodles or meatballs)
  • Visit the one of the many hot springs in Pandora
  • Take a helicopter tour of the island (50% off for all citizens)
  • Go white water-rafting in the Uchina river
  • Go to the famous Pablo's Pizzeria (home of the Pandora's Box pizza)