Kent Lake's CAP

And What You Need to Know

What is a CAP and why do I need it?

CAP stands for Condom Availability Program and it has one central goal- YOUR safety and stability. Due to the immense dangers and risks surrounding sexual activity, KLHS wishes to provide better education and protection to its students. The benefits of this program include health counseling and referrals, access to free condoms, and the ability to make smart, informed decisions.

The Elephant in the Room: Free Condoms?

Condoms will be made available to ALL students (assuming their parent has not requested an exception). Counselors and teachers will all be trained and available to distribute these contraceptives up to a 5-per-visit limit (Hollman). These condoms will be available during lunch periods and before/after school hours. All first-time visitors will be required to attend one counseling session before receiving condoms.

Available Counselors

Counselors are here to help

Counselors can give information on:

- STD Prevention and Treatment

- Abstinence

- Protected and Informed Sexual Activity

- Abuse and Rape
- Pregnancy

- Effective Condom Usage

- Any Personal Topic Brought by the Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I speak to counselors?

- Counselors are located in the Student Services Building.

Who funds the free condoms?

- Currently, private health centers fund the Program. These are voluntary donations.

Will my visit to obtain condoms be awkward?

- The visit will only be awkward if you make it so. After the first visit, condom acquisition is as simple as saying, "three, please."

How effective are condoms at preventing pregnancy?

- Condoms are roughly 82% effective (Contraception).