Black Death

The plague that killed 1/3 of the population


sever vomiting, very high fever, and a painful swelling of the lymph glands called buboes.

You also would have red spots on your skin that would turn black and you would have bleeding from the lungs

Home made cures

They would try to cure the black death with different smelling things like flowers and herbs. Most people thought that they were being punished from God so they would punish themselves to try to cure it. They would also let leaches suck there blood has a blood thinning ,or eat a spoon full of crushed emeralds and they would take a bath in urine

The spread

The plague mainly affected rodents but the fleas would transmit it to the people. Because they trade with china and thats were it started it came in on the trading boats and got to the people. The spread of it was so fast that in just five years it killed 25 million people