Bobcat Tracks

Spring Newsletter- South Junior High Boise, Idaho

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Bobcat Tracks

Bobcats Tracks has arrived! This quarterly publication will feature information about upcoming events, student achievements, and extracurricular activities taking place at South Junior High and in the surrounding community. Our goal is to maintain this newsletter as a resource and method of communication between the school, our students’ parents, and South community. Bobcat Tracks will be available on the South website for students, parents, and community members to view.

ISAT Testing - Coming Soon!

ISAT Testing Dates

Students test best with adequate sleep and nutrition! Please make sure your student gets what he or she needs to maximize their testing potential

8th Grade ELA

Achaeans: Tuesday, April 4th

Danaans: Monday, April 5th

8th Grade Math

Achaeans: Tuesday, April 17th

Danaans: Monday, April 19th

7th Grade ELA

Champions: Thursday, April 6th

Titans: Wednesday, April 7th

7th Grade Math

Champions: Thursday, April 20th

Titans: Wednesday, April 21st

Science – 7th Grade only

Champions May 1st

Titans- May 2nd

Students Must Be Prepared to Learn

Research shows the following 5 factors are crucial to academic success:

1. Sleep - 8 hours a night is best for brain processing and restoring energy. “Loss of sleep hurts attention, executive function, working memory, mood, quantitative skills, logical reasoning, and even motor dexterity.”

2. Exercise - Exercise is crucial. It increases blood flow and strengthens neurons in the brain. Daily exercise is the best, but aerobic exercise least twice a week is crucial.

3. Stress - Brains are built to deal with stress that lasts for 30 seconds. Stress damages memory and can hurt your motor skills and immune system. The emotional stability of the home is the single greatest predictor of academic success.

4. Diet and Hydration - Brain food is key. Kids need a variety of nutrients regularly and to stay hydrated.

Excess sugar, especially processed, should be avoided in order to maximize consistent energy on a daily basis.

5. Screen Time - Screen time should be limited prior to bedtime. No games or devices in the sleeping space!

*Much of the info above comes from John Medina’s book Brain Rules. Brought to you by Tyler Bevis our Achaean 8th Grade English Teacher.

District Expands Google Apps for Education to Include 7th & 8th Grade Students

During the 16-17 school year, the Boise School District is expanding the use of Google Apps for Education Accounts (GAFE) by providing email access to 7th and 8th grade students.

Last school year only students in grades 9-12 have email access in their student accounts. K-8 students currently have access to Google Drive, Calendar and Classroom. Allowing students in grades 7 and 8 a District Gmail account will enhance security and safety for both children and staff.

Click here for further information about Boise School District’s GAFE Practice and to review an FAQ for students and parents.

Student participation in this program is encouraged. If you do not want a Boise School District Gmail account activated for your student, please fill out the Boise School District GMAIL Opt Out Form for Students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the your student’s school principal.

What Students Need to Know

To be in compliance with district policies and state laws, all students are expected to maintain security of usernames and passwords for themselves and students. Please review district policies 2513 (Internet Filtering) 3239 (Student Technology Use) 3241 (Personal Electronic Devices) 3620 (Student Data Privacy and Security) and 5235 (Employee Technology Use).

Initial Usernames and Passwords are set at the district level.

Sample User Name:

  • password: uppercase firstname initial + uppercase lastname initial + 6 digit birthdate

Sample Password: JD122503

  • As determined by building leadership, Students will have an option to reset password by going to to register for self service password reset

  • From the time you reset your password, your credentials to log in to Microsoft Active Directory (access to district network), and Google (GAFE), sync together and your username and the password you selected during the reset process are the same for all accounts listed above.

Bobcat Character Traits

What is Character? The mental and moral characteristics of an individual.

Each Month South Staff members will teach one character trait and will be on the lookout for students who exhibit each trait. So far, this year we have taught and identified students who have exhibited Optimism, Gratitude, Self-Control, and Social Intelligence. Students who staff members identify as having demonstrated these traits are given a character card. These cards recognize students for their demonstration of positive character and when students turn character cards into the office they are entered into a drawing for donations from local businesses such as Dutch Brothers and McDonalds.

April’s Traits are Social Intelligence & Zest

Social Intelligence: Understanding the feelings of others and adapting actions accordingly.

Zest: Enthusiastic and energetic participation in life

South Junior High Student Electronics Device Policy

Students may possess an electronic device on school campus, although they may only use it for educational purposes under the supervision of a teacher. Ear buds/headphones should not be visible except when student is following the classroom use policy.

1st offense: electronic device taken and returned at the end of the day, 30 minute after school detention

2nd offense: electronic device taken, parents required to pick up device, 60 minute after school detention

3rd and Subsequent Offenses: electronic device contract, 90 minute after school detention

The possession of electronic devices by students on school property, or while attending school-sponsored activities is a privilege, not a right. This privilege may be denied or cancelled in response to student misbehavior. If a student violates the policy and refuses to give their phone to a staff member will receive a major disciplinary violation for insubordination.

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South Future Cities

The student design engineers with the Future City Team worked daily after school for months in preparation for their Regional competition at BSU. There were over 30 teams representing Idaho and surrounding states. The model was creative, colorful and came together with surprising clarity, given all the snow days. Our team crushed their presentation and had a stand out model. A small grant was awarded to our team and we have commitments from our awesome engineer mentors, Kurt Norrell and Nicholas McDowell, to support another team next year of 7th and 8th graders.

Career Café

Ms. Comstock- 7th Grade English & French

Champion Team

During 7th and 8th Grade lunch a professional from our community volunteers their time to present information about their career to South students. Professionals volunteers range from lawyers, the veterinarians, to video game testers and they give students information about the educational requirements, and the day to day job duties of their profession.

Career Café is announced to students through our Bobcat Network during morning announcements each week.

Mathematics Adventures at South Junior High

Ninth grade Integrated I Algebra students explored the real world of car-buying this month. They shopped for a wide variety of vehicles from practical, fuel-efficient family cars to million-dollar dream cars and found the best interest rates available at a variety of lender institutions. After calculating their loan amounts using exponential equations, they learned how much money they could save by finding lower interest rates, paying off loans more quickly, and making down payments to avoid paying interest on part of the car’s price. They discovered that cars depreciate (lose value) exponentially, so new cars lose value much more quickly than older, used cars. So the next time you’re in the market for a new car purchase, ask your ninth-grader to help you make wise financial decisions!