Gold Fields

Infomation about the Gold Fields


There are only 2 differeent ways to mine like Allubial minig which means you need to be by the water, the other 1 is Shaft mining you need to dig straight down a little bit and go anyway you want to.

The every day tool's in mining

There are a lot of tool's for mining.

For Alluvial mining you need a Shovel, pickaxe, Pan or a Cradle

For Shaft mining you need Bucket, Windlass, Cradle and a pickaxe.

The Chinese in the Gold fields

Various Chinses tried to help their fellow "strangers in a strange land", so that they could be seen to conform with European standards. These attempts to "fit in" were difficult given the backdrop of the rough conditions and often unruly early Australian gold rush days life.

In spite of this, the Chinese people were the target of prejudiced and racist attitudes and outright persecution by both European gold miners and the Australian Government of the time. The Chinese people were usually regarded as pagans and an inferior race, and were often unfairly blamed for many things not of their doing. For example, outbreaks of disease were often blamed on the Chinese.

Women in the Gold Fields

A typical day for a woman is an pioneer village in the 1850's gold rush days,would be to rise at or before dawn and re-stoke the fire, using bellows to coax embers back to life

Dough that had been set to rise the night before would be kneaded again, then baked in the oven (if there was one in the settlers hut). Water would be set to boil and tea mashed.

  • They wore a large bonnet to keep off the sun, They wore long dresses with high necks and tight waists, Women wore a cotton petticoat and bloomers underneath, They wore striped stockings and hardwearing boots, Rich ladies wore lace sleeves and white gloves.
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    Life on the Gold Fields

    When you are mining you need to buy stuff like flour, tea, mutton, tent and tools to survive the Gold fields were very harsh.

    Important trades included the publican, the blacksmith, the apothecary, the barber, the surgeon, the wash house/ laundry.

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    Questions about The 1850's Goldfields

    Q1,What are the 2 different ways to mine?

    Q2, What are the tools that the miner's have to use?

    Q3,Name 3 trades that miner's have to do?

    Q4,Name 1 of the Thing's that woman use to wore?

    Answers about The 1850's Goldfields

    A1,Shaft and Alluvial

    A2,Pickaxe, Shovel, Pan, Cradel,Windlass and a Bucket

    A3, Wash house,Barber,Blacksmith.

    A4,White gloves.