GBE Summer School Newsflash!

May 31, 2016

Summer Happenings at GBE

This last week several students joined at at GBE for Summer School. We have approximately 329 students ranging from grades 2nd to 5th graders. Our teachers have been working diligently to review skills from their previous year and adding on new knowledge for our students. Each setting varies depending on the needs of the learners.

We have some students involved in review and some in enrichment. Each are using creative ways to learn and synthesize the new information that they are receiving.

Our 2nd graders are reviewing fractions and using coordinate grids. They are also creating friendly letters and focusing on nouns and verbs. Another focus for these students are their math fluency practices.

3rd graders are practicing their addition with regrouping skills as a review and taking a look at where each student is with their fact mastery for multiplication, a much needed skill in this grade.

4th graders are working on some review with multiplication review also, They are adding and subtracting with four digit numbers, and working on number patterns. In the area of reading students at this level are reviewing their reading fluency. A focus at this time is their ability to read with a fluid flow and appropriate pace, decoding unknown words and having expression as they read. As we always do a focus on vocabulary is huge with our learners. Building that word knowledge bank and understanding of words helps aide in improving their reading overall.

5th grade students have been working on their expectations and putting forward their best effort. The fifth grade team of teachers has been focusing each on a various skill for the students during this day and using a rotation system. Areas of focus for this grade are Writing, Reading, Work Work/Vocabulary, and Math. Check out the word bank they are sending home each week to increase your students vocabulary power. Along with vocabulary these teachers are using historical settings to tie in reading skills. They are also reviewing using graphic organizers with writing pieces. This last week was an opinion piece.

In Math students worked on multiplying fractions with whole numbers and fractions. Always simplify the answer!! :)

Our Enrichment wheel this summer for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade have teamed up. These students rotate to four different teachers focusing on a different area with skills from their grade.

Students are using enrichment skills to unlock puzzles and using STEM activities. These focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. They have also become explores in history. The focus during this time will dive them into historical events such as the Louisianan Purchase, Lewis and Clarck's travels, The Westward Expansion, and Native Americans. Lastly, this group has also been performing as actors working on their oral reading fluency and expression. During this time they have read about Davy Crockett, opportunity cost and Native Americans.

In some of our Extended School Year classrooms students have been working on graphing and math language. We have also seen great research going on into Missouri units of study with digital presentations. Each of these rooms has also had visitors from various roles in the community to present a little about their profession and allow the students to interact.

Last week these students enjoyed meeting a dance instructor and participated in line dancing lessons. They also had a visit from our local firefighters and were able get into the ladder truck for a tour!

Great things happening this summer at GBE!!

Reminders for Summer School:

We serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to the students.

Car riders are dropped off and picked up through our car rider line that goes through the south side gate and wraps around the building to end at the gym doors. Adults are waiting there each morning and afternoon to assist you. Please note that the gate will open at 7:45 for drop off and 11:55 for pick up each day.

Walkers and Pick Ups are assisted across Gratz Brown each am and pm. Please be aware of these students as you are picking up your children.

Thank you!!

PBS Ticket Drawing from Last week:

We are collecting PBS tickets each day and drawing names out daily to go into our BIG Friday drawings for prizes.

Last week we gave away Sonic Gift Cards. This week the big prizes will be Fad's Ice Cream Gift Coupons!!

The deliciousness of Summer School!!