Señora Mills’ Spanish 1 Tigers

Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Update 1/18/16

There's something refreshing about starting 2nd semester. Perhaps it's the long break that we just had. Maybe it's the fresh start that our students have (grade-wise). Whatever the reason, I love the beginning of 2nd semester!

The Spanish 1 students have been learning about families and how to describe people this past week. has your student called you by some Spanish word lately? I hope so! I challenged each student to call t least one person in their family by their Spanish title (mom=madre, dad=padre, brother=hermano, sister=hermana, dog=perro, etc.) The kids have been having fun with these words, and we are now moving forward to descriptive words (tall, short, handsome, strong, etc.)

Coming to a Spanish class near you!

  • Unit 3A Possessive Adjectives Formative - Wednesday, January 20th
  • Unit 3A Descriptive Adjectives Formative - Wednesday, January 27th
  • Unit 3A Summative - Friday, January 29th (rough draft) and Monday, February 1st (final draft and comprehension)

Curriculum Corner

Unit 3A

  • Vocabulary: family and descriptive adjectives
  • Grammar - Using adjectives in Spanish

Your student needs to study these words 5 minutes each day!

Instagram Challenge!

If you spot Spanish being used out in the "real world", post it on Instagram and tag me in it!

My Instagram: @sramills4

Class Needs

To help meet the needs of all students in the class, I am always looking for some basic school supplies to be shared in class. If you are able to, please send one of these items with your child. I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Expo dry erase markers
  • Paper plates
  • Paper cups