Canada In 2040 Assignment

By Harisha


In this smore, I will be explaining the current Demographic situation and livable communities. Then, I will predict the Birth Rate, Death Rate, Natural Increase (and other Demographic indicators) for 2050. I will also be predicting how immigration will change by 2040.

Current Immigration Situation of Canada 2014

Canada in takes 250,000 immigrants each year. Asia (including the Middle East) was Canada's largest source of immigrants during the past five years, although the share of immigration from Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America increased slightly.

  • 7 out of 10 immigrants settle in either Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
  • In 2011, 51% of all immigrants settled into Toronto.
  • By Gender: Females 137,000 Males 142,681

Canadian 2014 Demographic

The Population in Canada is 35.1 million. The birth rate is 10.29/1000. The death rate is; 8.31/1000. The Net Migration rate is 5.66/1000. The Population Growth Rate is 0.76%. The Natural increase is 0.4%.

The Birth rate indicates

Predictions Of Canada 2040

The population in 2040 might be 43 million. I predict that in Canada 2040, the birth rate might decrease. I predict this because the birth rate throughout the years has been decreasing. Example, the birth rate in 2011 was 11.00 and the birth rate of 1960 is 26.70. This tells me that the birth rate might continue to decrease.

2040 - 2014

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