My Life in Pink & Green

By: Lisa Greenwald (267 pages)

A Spotlight Review By: Ripley Johnson

Young makeup artist saves her family's pharmacy!


After Lucy's first makeover customer Courtney Ander, the homecoming queen of Old Mill High School leaves the Old Mill Pharmacy, 12-year-old Lucy Desberg, a natural problem solver realizes that she can help save the struggling pharmacy from closing by providing makeovers. She begins to work on her plan of attracting customers while having a crush on her best friend's brother Yamir Ramal, worrying about the results of the Going Green Grant for local businesses that she hopes to win and praying that the pharmacy won't close from debt. Lucy is desperate to find ways to attract customers and to keep the world a greener place. How does Lucy do it? Can Claudia help her sister by giving her makeup tips all the way from Northwestern University in Chicago? Especially when her Mom, Jane Desberg and grandma, Dorris Desberg are fighting all the time and won't take her ideas seriously. What will Lucy do when she finds out that her best friend, Sunny Ramal suddenly starts to like a boy named Evan Mass? Hopefully Lucy's makeup idol Laura Mercier can help her solve all of her problems with some helpful beauty and business tips.

The point of view: The story is about a 7th grader who assists her mom and grandma at their struggling family owned pharmacy.

Lucy stands up for what she believes can work and works toward her goals and her problem solving skills.

Theme of the story: Believe in yourself, work harder towards your goals, and never give up!

I can apply the theme to my life because I love to volunteer and recycle. During 4th and 5th grade I worked on the recycling team at my elementary school and learned the importance of saving the Earth’s natural resources, which helped enhance my ideas about recycling. The theme also applies to my life because Lucy would like to become a makeup artist and I would like to become a fashion designer. I was inspired when Lucy took steps to make her dream of being a makeup artist come to life by giving customers makeovers and hair tips. I would like to do the same by providing people with my fashion design makeovers. The beauty and business tips provided me with additional ways to be confident while believing in myself.
"I've always been ... Interested in making women look as beautiful as possible while making them look like themselves." - Laura Mercier