Tech Project

By: Mia Levi


I went to Lousiana for spring break and had a lot of fun with family and friends. My parents said that we were going to visit family and have a nice time off from school. It was a fun time to see people that I hadn't seen in a long time. My family and I driving on the road is an example of physics.

Family and Friends

I love being around family and friends and getting to meet new people. Family is my life and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for there love and encouragement. God has blessed me with a great supportive family I love them so much. I went go kart racing this is an example of physics.


We visited my Granny during spring break and my sister and I had a marvelous time spending quality time with her. We helped her bake a cake and it was amazing. My granny is the best cook and baker of all time. She knows how to cook anything and everything. She is the best Granny in the world!!


My mom, sister, and I went shopping altogether and had the time of our lives. We bought shoes, earrings anything you could think of. We had a great time with our mother and I love her to death. My mom is the world to me I can talk to her about anything and she is very accepting. My mom and I driving from each store is an example of physics. We used the internal combustion engine by driving instead of walking to each store. The magnetism in the credit card is an example of physics.

Rest and Relaxation

Over the break I got a lot of rest. I got so much rest I was tired of resting! Rest is very important and essential to ones body and is very important for everyone. One day I slept for 12 hours. Every break is a break to get caught up on rest.

Spring Break was fun!

Spring break was fun but every break comes to an end and this spring break was very special and will haven special place in my heart!