Nik the presenter

by: Nikolas Lee

Fact #1 about marketing

1. Marketing- to advertise a product for sales.

For example, Walmart is constantly advertising their products

To get sales. For example, Wal-Mart, Target

2. Pricing- To put a price on an item. For example, all stores.

3. Production- This mainly has to do with ratings and the selling of the product. For example, all stores.

4. Financing- This is to budget your money at all times. For example, all stores.

5. Marketing of Management- This has to do with all store productions. For example, Subway, McDonalds

Fact #2 about marketing

you will see other similar companies trying to tear

Down their competitors. "This happens to be nothing

Personal, just business" - Mafia

The Cat, The Celebrity, and The Hero

What does this have to do with marketing?

They are all on TV, their always advertising themselves. They have products of themselves which makes a large production. These three make up the seven principles of business.

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