Welding A Bead

Hanna Stoner


  1. Welding helmet
  2. Pants
  3. Closed toed shoes
  4. Welding jacket
  5. Hair tie
  6. Welding gloves
  7. Piece of metal
  8. Electrode
  9. Clamp
  10. Electrode holder
  11. Saftey glasses
  12. Wire brush
  13. Chipper


  1. Before going into the welding booth, make sure that your hair (if long) is tied up with a hair tie and that you have your saftey glasses on. Also, make sure that you are wearing pants and closed toed shoes so the sparks dont burn you.
  2. Put on your welding jacket, your gloves and your helmet. When you put on your helmet, tighten or loosen it to make sure that it is secure on your head.
  3. Once you are ready, grab your desiered piece of metal to weld the bead onto.
  4. Go into the booth and make sure all your supplies are present.
  5. Close the curtain on the booth so that the sparks and bright light doesn't peak out.
  6. Clamp down your piece of metal with the welding clamp.
  7. Grab the electrode holder in the hand you write with. (Make sure to keep your thumb on the release so if your electrode gets stuck, you can release it. )
  8. Put an electrode in the electrode holder.
  9. Turn on the amperage machine
  10. Put your welding helmet down and strike the electrode on your piece of metal.
  11. When you strike the electrode, you strike it like a match.
  12. when your electrode gets a spark, hold the electrode over the piece of metal with an eighth of an inch between the electrode and the piece of metal.
  13. To weld the bead, you move the electrode along the piece of metal in a circular or zig-zag motion.
  14. You move slow enough to have a puddle but fast enough so you dont burn through the metal.
  15. Your electrode will burn up as you go along, so you will need to move it closer and closer as your bead goes along. ( still keep an eighth of an inch between the elctrode and the metal.)
  16. When finnishing up your bead, you circle around at the end and move your electrode away from the metal.
  17. Turn off the amperage machine and if there is any electrode left, release it from the elcetrode holder.
  18. Your mtal will be extreamly hot, so grab it with a pair of pliers and remove it from the clamp.
  19. Cool down your metal in a bucket of water.
  20. let it stay in the water for at least 30 seconds.
  21. After the metal is cooled off, take off your gloves and grab it with your hand.
  22. Take the piece of metal over to a table or a stable surface.
  23. grab the chipper with on hand and hold your metal with the other.
  24. chip the slag off of the bead by hitting the bead with the chipper.
  25. After all the slag is off of your bead, use a wire brush to clean off your metal.
  26. After that, you're done with your bead.

Some of the vocabulary words:


Slag- The blackend coating on top of the bead after welding a bead.
Chipper- A tool with a pointed end that you hit against the slag to remove it.
Bead- The finnished welding product.