Mrs. B's 4th grade news!

Room 21 ~

A Peek at the Week!

Math- Students can use estimating to find sums and differences of whole numbers.

Students can add whole numbers.

Students can subtract whole numbers.

Students can subtract across zeros.

Students can use a picture to help solve multi-digit problems.

Writing- Students finalized their final draft of their narrative writing.

Reading- Students read a nonfiction book and wrote down what they were wondering.

Students identified and explained text features in a non-fiction book.

Students determined the main idea of a short story and gave details from the text to support their main idea.

Science- Students can create a hypothesis for a science experiment.

Students can form a predication.

Students can record their observations.

Students can draw a conclusion.

Specials Next Week

Monday- P.E.
Tuesday- Computers and Library
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Music
Friday- P.E.

Reminders and Important Dates

  • Data binders went home today! Please look over these and return them signed on Monday.
  • Homework went home today. It will be due next Friday.
  • Spelling words went home today. Test will be next Friday.
  • Westview is having a competition between grade levels to see who can bring in the most pop tabs. The pop tabs will be going to The Ronald McDonald Foundation to build more Ronald McDonald homes. Please send in any pop tabs you have!
  • October 21st- Conferences from 4-7 pm.
  • October 22nd- Conferences from 1-7 pm.
  • October 30th- Fall Party from 9:30-10:15 am.

Tiger Trait of the Month!

Our Tiger Trait for the month of October is Integrity!Integrity means you are doing the right things for the right reasons without being watched. Talk to your child about how they can show integrity at school and at home.