Megan B

Why is being a neurscientist a Green Career?

Being a neuroscientist is a Green Career because so many things in our environment can have an impact on our nervous system and brains. New pesticides, perfumes, foods, etc can impact our bodies. A neuroscientist will work with doctors and scientists to determine what environmental things are affecting our bodies and further what we can do about it.


The amount of money that they earn per year is $49,040.


In order to be a neuroscientist schooling takes alot of time you have to have a PH.D degree, and 7 years for medical school in order to pass.

Job Description/Duties

The duties for this job include vast knowledge of the nervous system and the effects that biology, chemistry and the environment have on the workings of the brain. Depending on the speciality, neuroscientists are also responsible for finding cures for diseases of the brain. Most of the job duties are related to research.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

Neuroscientists are responsible for determining if there are any environmental links to diseases of the brain and the nervous system. They are responsible for researching how things that are in our environment affect the nervous system.


The advantages for this job is, that you get to save peoples lives, and improve their quallty of life by studying the effects of the environment on the human brain and nervous system. This job is rewarding because facts that you discover can change how people live.


One disadvantage of this job seems to be a low salary for the amount of the responsibility and education you need to have.

Intresting facts

The facts i found on this job is that,there are many different specialities that you can choose which are part of Neuroscience. Neuroscientists can study the effects of anything from chemicals to psychiatric conditions on the brain functions.