Hassels' Headlines

September 25th, 2015

News You Can Use!

Field trip Chaperons- If you would like to be a chaperon for Midway Village please email me. I will put your name in the lottery and draw on Tuesday morning.

PAWS Pride lesson- Our PAWS Pride lesson this week focused on the Conley matrix. This is a tool that displays expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible in different locations around the school. Each class reviewed the matrix to remind students to use their PAW behavior everywhere when in school.
Kleenex- We could use some if you have a spare box at home!

Thank You!

It was Nick's birthday today and he gave US a present! Thanks so much for the playground balls. We will put them to good use during our PBIS extra recess reward each week!

I also want to thank all those who have donated candy, markers, stickers, paper, etc. Your generosity is much appreciated!

Finally, a big thank you to Mrs. Robbins for decorating our door for the Fall. It looks fabulous!

Keyboarding Skills

We started using a new keyboarding app on our Chromebooks this week called Typing Club. The students love it and I hope over time it will improve their typing skills:) I also created a Keyboarding Skills page on Haiku with many useful tips, tricks, and resources for proper technique, accuracy and speed. Check it out!

PTA Notes

Spirit Wear orders are due Wednesday, September 30th. Click here to order and view actual colors and styles.

LAST CALL to join the PTA before the contest is over. We want to be the class to win the $100 dollar grant! THANK YOU to all that have joined already. Your support is greatly appreciated:) If you are interested in joining click the link above.

Picture Day Wednesday!

Smile pretty, dress for success and don't forget your picture form!

Important Dates

September 30th- Spirit Wear orders due/ Picture Day

October 2nd- Field trip permission slip and money due

October 8th- Midway Village Field trip/Midterm Reports home

October 9th- No School- Institute Day

October 10th- No School- Columbus Day

October 20th- School Store Opens (every Tuesday)

October 21st- Cookie Dough Pick-up at 4:30 at MacKeben

Subject Snapshots


Weekly Story: On the Banks of Plum Creek

Comprehension Skills: Character, Setting, Plot and Background Knowledge

Conventions: Subjects and Predicates

Vocabulary: Multiple Meaning Words

Writing: Parody

Spelling: Long E and Long O


Unit 2: Addition, Subtraction, Landmarks, and Graphing


Animal Adaptations


This week in literacy this week we did a Today's Meet we answered a question and it was I want to explore blank because ....!We did a slide show on Subjects and Predicates and if we got the questions right we got to get a piece of candy.It was really fun because some of the questions are tricky to.Then we did a pear deck and we had some more questions on Subjects and Predicates and then we would all shout out because she would lock it and some of us would not have time to post it on pear deck.That is what we did this week in literacy.Also this week we did a google draw and it was about multiple meaning words.We watched some youtube videos about Subjects and Predicates.

By: Delaney


This week in writing we, worked on parodies. Mrs. Hassels read Good Night Moon and the parody Good Night Goon to us. She also read Run Away Bunny and the parody Run Away Mummy.She showed us a Hansel and Gretel video and the parody. Then we go to do a parody with a partner. That's what we did this week in writing. By Gavin

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

In math we started learning about the new unit. Next we did an exit slip to see if the people would take the test and most of the class did the test. Also some people finished the test. The next day we did math boxes and we had to do challenging things that are the same as the top number.Then the rest of the people that did the test finished. The next day we played a fun place value game and it was Mrs. Hassels version and I got a learning contract with fun math games. Finally I worked on some worksheets and then I played math games on my chrome book.Today we used raisins as a math tool! First, we estimated how many raisins in the box the average was 95. Next, we learned about landmarks, then we charted how many raisins and said what the maximum, minimum, range, and a little bit of median and mean. Finally we did a time test.By Jonas

Mrs. Price's Math Class

This week we had our test!We played some factor captor and started our new unit.Everyone is exited for unit two.We all had fun in unit 1 starting the new year.Here is me and my friend Gavin in the picture finishing our math box. By Jack


This week we learned all about Science and this is what we learned about this week and did.We finished finding moths that we made camouflage into the classroom and we revealed them on Friday!We also got put into habitat groups and they gave us our habitats.My habitat was The Pacific Northwest and the people in my group were Me,Kate,and Jonas.The next two days,we worked on finishing our habitat papers.We had someone who did not have homework,so they did everything but average temperature and I did the average temperature.This is what I and my class did this week. By Kaitlyn


On monday we did something called the pacer test it is where we run a bunch of laps and your partner keeps track of how many laps you have ran. On tuesday we did the push up test and most of us played games while other people got tested. On wednesday we did the shuttle run. The shuttle run is where you run to the end pick up a shuttle and then run back and place the shuttle behind the green line.On thursdaywe did the curl up test and most of us played games when other people got tested. By Kari


In music this week we played boom wackers to 2 songs that are called Whomp out loud and Wacky cha-cha. We did Wacky cha-cha because Mrs.Karl forgot the Whomp out loud CD so we did the Wacky cha-cha. It was really fun.By Kate


In art we finished up our art to remember. For thew people that finished they worked on a packet our art teacher gave us. Some people did very nice work to my prospective. Some people did landscapes, oceans, sports, and birds. All of it looked amazing. By Jake