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Nuclear Fusion

The Search for Nuclear Fusion

Hello! My name is Kiara Bullock and my lab is called the search for nuclear fusion. What I have discovered is that nuclear fusion is a very good way to produce energy. For example, the Sun's source of energy is mainly nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion differs from nuclear fission because nuclear fission involves the splitting of a heavy unstable nucleus into two lighter nuclei. Nuclear fusion is the combining of two lighter nuclei to produce large amounts of energy as I found in my lab results. With my research, government officials have been able to create new ways to use nuclear fusion in households and schools.

Press Release for Nuclear Fusion

Tuesday, May 17th, 9pm

Charlotte, NC, United States

Charlotte, NC

This is an event where you can come and learn all about nuclear fusion and how it produces energy.

Safety Concerns

- Handle with care at all times

- Understand the deadly effects of radiation

- Always be careful