Spix's Macaw

Have you herd of this species?

One Rare Macaw

The Spix's Macaw is a wonderful, yet fading species. The Spix's Macaw has gone extinct in the wild, but there are some but very few in captivity. There are no know Spix's Macaws alive in the world. You might wonder, "How have they dissapeared?" The Spix's Macaw dissapeared in the year of 2004. The cause of its exticntion is habbittat distruction and illeagle trapping and tradding for money. I think that people should stop distroying habittats, and illeagly trapping and trading them for money, or any animal. There are only 80 Spix's Macaws in the WORLD! Beacause we have distroyed their habbitat and taken them and put them into shivvering cold cages, then SOLD them. It's our fault that they have dissapeared, so it's up to us to get their species back into the wild.