Apollo Moon Landing

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Around 1969 it would be a great feat to put someone on the moon for the first time. Well that happened on July 20, 1969 at 10:56 p.m. (New York Daily News,1,1969) Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon along with his partner Buzz Aldrin. The time they spent on the moon was around 2 hours. The spaceship took off from Kennedy Space Station and was expected to land back in the Pacific Ocean. The mission was called “Apollo 11” and the goal was to land the Eagle on the moon.


The media let the public know that they were landing a spaceship on the moon. It was broadcasted live on television. Although the film wasn’t the best quality they still really wanted to show that this nation landed a human being on the moon. The landing was shown at the Kennedy Airport and Central Park where the people of the nation stood and watched as we attempted to put an astronaut on the moon. Not everyone thought Apollo 11 was real.


Not everyone believes what the government puts out. This had people thinking that the moon landing was a hoax and was actually filmed in a studio on Earth. The media has come to this conclusion because multiple theories have led us to believe that it is fake. Many scientists and experts of space examined the photos and video that was taken on the moon. One example of one of theories is that when they place the flag in the ground the flag is waving and it is a fact that there is no wind on the moon. All these conspiracy theories will never be able to be proved as true or false only the people who operated the mission could say that.


The people that had faith in the mission and believed the moon landing are the ones who believe that this nation was capable of it. They were the ones that never that thought this was false. I still believe that the moon landing is true because I believe in NASA and what they can accomplish. Although it is a kind of too good to be true, you still have to think about what if it isn't true. Just looking through all the theories leads me to understand that this mission could be a hoax but is still credible towards NASA. Apollo 11 is what changed mankind when a man stepped foot on the moon.


NASA is the leading program funded by the government that is in charge of all of our space thoughts and adventures. They have enough power and popularity to not have that many people disagreeing with them. This is Marxist because they have the power, money and support compared to some of the people who try to protest them. A decent of people believe that the government is corrupt and does a lot of stuff behind the people’s backs. That why during the Apollo 11 mission some people believed that they did land someone on the moon and there were conspiracies that NASA didn’t land someone on the moon.


Being the first nation to land someone on the moon would be the next greatest thing. Compared to when the space race during the cold war between the soviets and the united states. During the space race the goal was to become the first to successfully launch a satellite into space. This happened for many years before the Apollo 11 and during it. After all of the fighting for dominance in space it led to the race to put the first man on the moon. That is why the United States was trying to get the first people to land on the moon. When they accomplished this they planted a flag to resemble that we were the first ones there and it also compared to when Francis Scott Key saw the flag still standing during war. It proves that we are the triumphant ones.


Apollo11: Lunar Landing July 20, 1969

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