Material Safety and Data Sheet


Basic Information

Symbol: R

Atomic Mass: 52 Kg

Discoverer: Mr. Richardson

Occurrence: High deposits around computers and books, may be found within the Golden Eagle Band. Low deposits found at people's houses and extremely low quantities in C hall.

Physical Properties

White, with blondish hair and green eyes.

Boils when people have extreme ignorance.

Melts when classes are fun.

Can cause jealousy when it answers lots of questions.

Specimens can be found in many states:

Happy when music is being played.

Bored when lesson isn't fun.

Angry when teachers repeat things a lot.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by dry, cold days

Is attracted to labs with chemicals

May explode spontaneously when people take forever on tests

Requires copious amounts of food

Will repel work when possible

Is impervious to lies