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2016 January Newsletter

January Updates

School of Rock

1/25-29, It is Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart's birthday January 27th, so what better way to learn about music then by learning about this child prodigy AND perform a musical play that the children will compose themselves!

Children will be composing and learning about classical and modern instruments using GarageBand on the iPad.

Words from Gerald Hapeman a.k.a Mr Jerry

January is a time of new beginnings... and this year at QD Learning started off with a bang! A Big Bang to be exact! The students learned a little about the universe they inhabit, and a hip scientist who taught us, "Where there is hope, there is possibilities." And that's been our motto here this past month. The students created their own eco planet and defined it with a life of their own - their personality. Ahhh, the possibilities! We continued onto Martin Luther King week where the students learned of the civil rights leader and his dream. Each student presented a report of what their dream job would be and how that would help people across the world. From architects to astrophysicists... I think we have some dreamers in the making! We are in the midst of The School of Rock week and the children are learning all about music and one of the greatest composers, who was a child prodigy, and whose birthday it is this week: Mozart. In turn, they are preparing a new presentation of the play Peter and the Wolf and will be composing their own signature characters with orchestral music - from an iPad! I see a rock opera in the making! Finally, at the end of this month, the students will be exposed to some literary greats and will create QD's first literary newspaper and interview the artists themselves. They will learn about research and developing a story, and create on the scene news reports with Live Action QD News on the spot! Oh, indeed... January has been fresh with creative ideas and beginnings... Every class has been enlightening and I've seen every student's eyes and hearts light up with that spark of fun, and indeed possibilities.

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Important Dates

Feb 8, Open Full Day 7:30am - 6pm

Feb 12, Open Full Day 7:30am - 6pm

Feb 15, Closed

QD Learning Seminar Series - Common Core Demysteried

Sunday, Feb. 7th, 3:30-5pm

1086 North Tustin Avenue

Anaheim, CA

Private Violin Lessons Available

Violist, Dan Liu, has a B.M. from Shenyang Conservatory of Music in China, and a M.M. from the Boston Conservatory.

He performed in Young Musician Foundation Debut Orchestra and American Youth Symphony as a violist. He has premiered works by many contemporary composers, and recorded many video game music, film music, advertisement and TV shows. His teachers have included Xueke Li, Patricia McCarty, Lila Brown and Donald McInnes.

Course material: Hohmann’s Practical Method(1-5) , Suzuki

Recommended Age Group: 5 years and up

Fee: $60 per session (each session is 60 minutes)

Available on Thursday and Sunday. Please schedule an appointment with us to book your first lesson.

For more information, check out the class page here.

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ICP Program

Set 3-5 Goals each trimester. Bring your report card.