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About this wonderful Crystal Course

This course is Certified by the International Practioners of Holistic Medicine .Margaret West is a Crystal Therapist , with the experience that spans over two decades.She will lead you on a Practitioners journey with Crystals that will help the mind, body and spirit,on so many levels .On this course you will learn every aspect of healing and how crystals interact and work on the body.This is a complete course with a LIFETIME of C.P.D with Margaret,through email, video and group interactions.

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Crystal healing isn't just for humans ,.

The work of a Practitioner never ends and your collection of Therapeutic Crystals will grow with your expertise and knowledge. A lot of people worry that the need to remember so many crystals is daunting and it puts them off doing the course. Only someone with the mind of an elephant can remember every single crystal out there and its uses. During the course Margaret will show you different techniques to help you remember and store information.This crystal course has many different branches. You will touch on healing animals with crystals, how to feel crystal energy and 'listen' as the crystals talk to you through their vibrations, how crystals can heal via colour, rather than their property value, you will learn how to make healing grids and so much more. She will show you how to use them during end of life care and how they can help in so many ways.
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