Customs Today...

... and why it's time to move on.

Today in England, we have several customs surrounding our daily lives. Some recent decisions have been good, like the Poor Law. However, we should remove certain traditions in order to make our civilization great.

Our biggest problem is our religion system . Right now, if the ruler is Catholic, all citizens are Catholic. If that ruler dies and his successor is Protestant, all citizens have to become Protestant. This system is confusing and unfair, so my belief is that people should choose their own religion. If God thinks that a person's religion is wrong, then God can punish them; that's not our job.

The Poor Laws are one good aspect of the current government, but that should also have some reform. Specifically, the punishments for begging are a little too harsh. I don't believe that begging is a criminal act, because it is probably their only source of food. While people who turn to crime for food should be punished, beggars should not be.

This isn't as major, but we should turn to more "real" science. By real science, I mean science that we can prove. There is no proof that alchemy exists or that black cats are bad luck. I myself only believe in what can be prooved, and everyone else should do the same.

About us

This flyer was written by Ahmed Ali and Vivian Jiang.