Mrs. Markle's First Grade News

November and December 2014

Parent Information

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful winter break. Please make sure to check the backpacks today!


We have been working so hard on our reading and writing skills. The students have been writing books on the iPads and sharing them, writing poems, and writing in their journals. They also finished Theme 3. The theme test grades will go home the first week of January.

In January, you will notice that the spelling curriculum picks up. Your child will have 15 words a week to learn. Please look for the new list in the new year. We will also start working on harder word patterns. Remember to keep practicing those reading skills every day. The information for Raz-Kids went home on December 22nd. The students really love this reading website.


This month we have worked a lot on measurement. This includes non-standard measurement such as measuring with your hands as well as standard measurement. We have used rulers and learned about inches and feet. We also used tape measures. Children love to measure, so have them practice this skill at home.

We have also learned to tell time to the "quarter past" and "quarter to" time. This is a very difficult skill for most first graders. I encourage you to practice this at home too.

Please continue to practice the addition and subtraction math facts. I really love the site for fact practice. The information for this website went home on December 22nd. Keep in mind that first graders are expected to be able to complete 36 math facts (up to 9+9 and related subtraction facts) in 3 minutes or less.

Social Studies/Science

In December we focused on the December holidays - Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. The students had a great time learning about the different holidays and making projects to go along with them.

December Rotations!

On December 26th we had our monthly first grade rotations to the different classrooms. We made wreaths, Santas, and pattern reindeer.

Gingerbread Houses

In December we also had gingerbread house day. We made gingerbread houses, read gingerbread stories, and made some other crafts. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us with this project. Below are the pictures from the day!